simFlight gets iPhone App

sf-iphone-appThe sign of times it must be,  The simFlight Network has now it’s own application for the iPhone: the simFlight App.

If you click on the above link it will take you to the App Store in your iTunes where you can download the app into your iPhone, it’s free of course. You can also get the application directly via your iPhone by searching for ‘simflight’ in the App Store’ app….. now that is a lot of ‘app app app’ here in this text.. it simply stands for ‘application’ and describes any utility made for and that works on the iPhone.

the simFlight App let’s you read our news feeds from all our sites online, as well as our main forum and it also lists the latest products released on simMarket. All of this of course at anytime and anywhere via your iPhone.

Frank Coburger, a FS enthusiast and Mac/Apple fan, has created this app for us, kudos and thanks go to him! Frank plans to update the app soon, so any suggestions you have are welcome, please use the comments function.

And the link again: The simFlight App. There are some preview screenshots after the jump.





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