Big Fat Simulations Games


Big Fat Simulations. Now isn’t that a weird name for a company? Fact is, the ‘simulations’ aren’t BIG at all. On the contrary, BFS produces fun little games that seem to serve one major purpose: kill some time at your PC while having fun.
BFS started with a series of little games simulating Air Traffic Control, where you have to juggle airplanes taking off and landing on a small picture of an airfield, without crashing them. Can be very addictive, actually!

SimMarket now carries a number of their games, including Airport Madness 1 and 2, Sky Madness, Air Traffic Controller and Radar Simulation. All of the games include simple graphics, sound and movement. You can even play demo versions of them on-line, just click on the picture shown on the simMarket product pages. They are also available as free games on Facebook.

But, if you want the full game, without advertising and without having to be on the Internet, you will want the commercial versions from simMarket.

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