Tocontin Airport From LatinVFR

latinvfr_1BRicardo Morillo, the developer of this new scenery, writes “…. Tocontin Airport doesn’t need an introduction. You say the word “Tocontin” and immediately the image of an aircraft narrowly crashing with bushes and buildings come up to your mind……”.

Errrrmmmm… well, not really, sorry. I for one have never heard of it. Have you?
But if you’re curious then THIS is THE chance to learn more. As the story continues “….. This Honduran airport was opened in 1920 in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. It is one of the oldest airports in Central America and one of the oldest constant operations in the world. The airport was officially inaugurated in 1933 with the arrival of the DC3 By the 1980’s airlines preferred the San Pedro Sula airport because it offered a less ‘dangerous’ and more comfortable (space) ambient for aircraft and passenger operations. Many accidents have happened in this airport but it is mainly because of its difficult approach, consisting of elevated terrain in all quadrants of the airfield……”.

Now isn’t that something you always wanted to have? Now available from simMarket here !

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