CLS Also Building A 767-300

cls-development767Albert Bouwman of CLS reports that “…… Commercial Level Simulations is extremely pleased to announce the development of the Boeing 767-200/300 product. The product will be in LITE edition, like our B742 product before. The product will come with highly detailed exterior models, a breathtaking virtual cockpit, and many many features. We are modeling both the passenger and cargo versions, and there will also be additional models like the AWACS, Tanker and winglet version. We are updating our website with development photos so keep an eye on the Development section!….”.

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  2. CLS tend to build for a very different market than Captain Sim and Level D Simulation, so this really won’t be the same aircraft unless they change their style totally.

    While the CS and LDS aircraft have very in-depth systems and scare off many flightsimmers from even looking at them, CLS have in the past released packages that look a lot better than and have a bit more depth to them than the default airliners. They’re an option for the “less hardcore” amongst us.

  3. I think CLs should have a go at building the 737 for fsx. Fsx has been out for a while now and only Wilco has a 737 that is any good at the time of writing. I have not looked at the Ariane yet.

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