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Shipyard-JumboJavelinSuperpackContinuing its weekly release of free download packs for Ship Simulator 2008, game developer VSTEP announces “…… the Jumbo Javelin Super Pack, the third new free download pack for Ship Simulator 2008 now available at “The Shipyard”, the online vessel & environment shop for Ship Simulator 2008…..”. And don’t worry, we’re NOT going to bother you every week with a free shipping add-on, so better note the URL now and look for yourself next time! The Ship Simulator 2008 is available from simMarket of course.

“…… All Ship Simulator 2008 and Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons users will be able to download this new add-on pack for free and sail the massive Jumbo Javelin, enjoy new gameplay features and play exciting new missions. The Jumbo Javelin Super Pack is created by the dedicated Ship Simulator Creator’s Forum.
VSTEP will continue to release new high quality free add-on packs for Ship Simulator 2008 at the Shipyard on a weekly basis leading up to the release of the new Ship Simulator Extremes game in 2010.

To download the free add-on pack, visit the Shipyard…….”.

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  1. actually it would be a far smarter idea for VSTEP to open up the platform and let the community make and distribute it’s own addons!

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