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vf8_en_coverGreeksim publications reports that they have “….. released our new issue….”. Of what !? you may ask. Ah, they have a downloadable newsletter, called ‘Virtual Flight’, that’s what. Their message continues “….. In this issue the all new PMDG JS4100 is reviewed together with the latest Aerosoft scenery US Cities X: New Orleans. Also included is a step by step start-up tutorial about the INS system and the first in a series of articles about helicopter maneuvers, dealing with hovering. Educational and ATC articles together with the latest news from the online FS community, all packed in 52 pages in the latest issue. Download your free copy from here…..”. So there. By the way, they have a nice website to, both in Greek and in English.

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Monday, November 16, 2009 15:56

Awesome work,excellent quality and the best price…free…
Cool unbiased reviews by the way…
Loved the chicken wings…

Keep it up guys!!!