Swiss VFR XI Available

svfr-XI-box-shotNot the cheapest of FS products, but if you’re familiar with the beautiful Swiss mountain world (especially), then this really is for you! Many hours of ‘recognizing’ familiar places, peaks and lakes have already been spent by yours truly ! “…. The really brandnew flight experience for Swiss VFR with the newest aerial digital images all over Switzerland. Fly from Meiringen via Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to Interlaken, St. Stefan in the Alps near Berne and enjoy this beautiful scenery. In this package also included Zurich with south-approach and west-approaches direct runway 34 and 28. If you are a aircraft enthusiast, fly with the Mirage III RS, BS/DS, the DH-115 Vampire or the Pilatus P-3. The aircraft are also with multi screen as option on the DVD available. Fly the famous black & white Mirage over the Swiss Alps. Most of the frequencies as ILS, NDB’s and VOR’s are available also at the old military airfield bases….”. Available now at simMarket.

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  2. Dear Hypo

    How can now ? You have flown it ?
    May be newer picture set (many years passed since pictures of SwissPro X where shot) can be attractive ?

    Best regards
    Peter Kruesi

  3. Well, this one doesn’t seem to have textures for both summer and winter, while Swiss pro X does. Also, this one doesn’t say anything about autogen, while Swiss pro X has autogen and custom scenery objects.
    Last but not least, the screenshots on simmarket show colours that do not look very attractive (they look quite unnatural). I own Swiss Pro X and consider it quite an ultimate scenery addon for Switzerland (it has more features than this one anyway).
    So to anyone who would be interested, I’d advise to compare first!

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