AES Credits Version 2.05

AESAES Credits by Oliver Pabst has been updated to version 2.05 and is as before available from The product adds lots of airport animations and objects to your regular day-to-day flying and through the credit system you can pick and choose to pay ONLY for those airports that you really USE! More info on the simMarket product page here, and in the AES pdf document here.

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  1. It’s primarily set up for passenger ops, but will handle cargo aircraft perfectly well within reason – the limitation being that it doesn’t include large loaders for pallets and ULDs.

    The majority of features, e.g. pushback, marshallers, follow me car, are ubiquitous regardless of what type of aircraft you are using, freight or passenger. Also, if you have a freighter such as a B747F or a B767F, for example, you’ll still need a set of airstairs for crew access and those will be provided. You can configure that within the tool for each individual model. You’ll also see the “baggage cart” loaders and equipment on the starboard side. So basically, yes, it will work provided you don’t expect to see heavy loading equipment on the port side cargo doors.

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