California X-Plane Scenery Coming

X-Aviation reports that they are “…… proud to announce a new product line in conjunction with RealScenery. The new line of products will be dubbed “Enhanced,” and include many new features over our previous RealScenery releases. RealScenery is widely known amongst the X-Plane community to be the premiere product line for enhancing your X-Plane flying experience by adding aerial imagery across entire states at a time….”.“…. Our first “Enhanced” package will be Northern California, and will not only include higher resolution imagery than our past standard packages, but also road, car, and traffic improvements, as well as airport alignments throughout the entire package. The Northern California Enhanced package will cover almost two-thirds of the state of California, with the entire state covered in our release soon after: Southern California. For more information, screenshots, and video, please go here…”.

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  1. Whassup?!
    I like your blog. This is very nice to read.
    I wonder how come I didn’t find this blog before.

    I will go and spread the word. Some of my Facebook friends will appreciate this.

    Cheerz and keep’em coming!

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