Finally, UT Alaska FSX Is Here !

We’ve all been waiting for this one and now it is released! “……Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, is excited to bring you a brand new type of product for FSX. Ultimate Alaska X provides a new era of scenery design that sim pilots can explore and experience in Flight Simulator X.

Alaska is one of the world’s most unique scenic locations, and it is an excellent place for flight simmers to enjoy the beauty of VFR flight. With Ultimate Alaska X, you will have the most complete rendering of Alaska to date. It provides a ground up redesign of nearly every scenery aspect in Alaska. This includes more accurate water, roads, railroads, urban modeling, mesh, detailed glaciers, repositioned airports, and more….”.

“….. Ultimate Alaska X includes many of the same features found in our popular Ultimate Terrain X product line:

– Accurate Roads and Railroads.
– Extremely accurate water bodies, shorelines, coastlines and rivers.
– “Light Point” night lighting in the larger urban areas.
– Bridge objects over water features and moving traffic for all major roads and highways.

Ultimate Alaska X is the first product to take advantage of a new technology designed by Scenery Solutions, which renders entire urban areas accurately without landclass.

Normally in FSX, urban areas are displayed using generic landclass textures and autogen. Landclass is very efficient and does a good job of representing urban areas from higher altitudes. However, while city scenery boundaries can be displayed well with landclass, the accuracy of objects within those boundaries are placed at random. So instead of using landclass, Ultimate Alaska X displays houses that follow the accurate roads that are provided with this product, with each house oriented towards the nearest road.

Other buildings and objects in Ultimate Alaska X are placed in their real-world locations. Many buildings are of the same size and shape as their real-world counterparts.

Over 200+ scenery areas in Alaska have been modeled using this new technology. This includes nearly every city, town, village, and seaport in Alaska

For more information, screenshots, or to purchase the download version of this product, go here…..”. 

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  1. i have been flying around with it for the last 3 days and it is AWESOME! Goes great with Tongass Fjords I am reliving my summer cruise and flight in Misty Fjords and bout as REAL as it gets! This is GREAT addon for the bush pilots.

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