Iris models as freewares

The FS2004 pilots will enjoy this : IRIS Flight Simulation Software made freeware some of their payware models. Now you can fly for free their A-7E  Corsair II or Eurofighter Typhoon for instance. Download them from here.

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  1. ( doesn’t seem to be ready yet )

    Area under development

    The page you’re currently looking for is in the process of being developed by our team. We hope to have more functionality within the coming days.

  2. Weird.. The download page I linked and the files are still available for me ..

  3. I can get to it as well, without any problem.

    I wonder if you hit a cached copy somewhere along the line, Jerry? If it happens again, just try hitting F5 to refresh the page. It *should* go all the way back to the source to refresh and not pull it from a cached page.

  4. Ah I see what’s happening. I still get the “unavailable page” if I click on “download this product” on the front listing page. If I click on the aircraft name and go to the preview page I can download them. Thanks for the heads up!

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