FS Scene – FSX Total Pack & Europe – Free Patch

New free patch for FScene FSX TotalPack and Europe:

Press Release: “Ruud Faber developer of the FScene replacement ground textures to-day released a patch with 56 repainted bitmaps.  In southern European countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and South-France the default FSX terrain tends to look much drier than in real life. FScene for FSX already improved this by using more life-like textures, but some of these show in Ruud’s opinion too much repetition. Hence this new patch, which is recommended to all FScene FSX users.”

Get it for free HERE
All FS Scene Packs are available from simMarket:  CLICK

A video showing the benefits of FS Scene:

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  1. Was this video produced by the vendors of FSScene? If so it is hardly a great ad I switched off after 45 seconds. Lo-Res i.e. poor quality video and crappy annoying music which seems to be indispensible these days. Why not just let the a/c speak for itself.
    Anyway lost my interest and as a result a potential lost sale to boot.

  2. I agree about the music or should it be muzak? If I wanted music I would switch on MTV, it seems that no simmer wants to listen to the actual sounds in FSX! My video link may have mad the quality worse.

  3. All I got was a message “This video contains music from Sony Entertainment… blabla”

    So the FScene people have inadvertently used copyrighted material, or Sony have gon over the top with their restrictive policies or YouTube have got it wrong again.

  4. I didn’t watch it all the way through, but it worked here in the UK, with a banner across the bottom stating artist, title and a “buy it from iTunes” ad.

    As I believe that was the solution that eventually popped out of the Music-Industry-versus-Everyone-Else-with-YouTube-stuck-in-the-middle war recently, it’s exactly what I expected… Presumably that doesn’t apply in Germany, from what you say, Chris. 🙁

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