DBS Studio updates

DBS Studio release Update 1.6.1 for Airport GPS 2004 and update 1.0.1 for DBS FollowMe 2004.

Improved order of scanning afcad files for quality drawing of the map and calculate route in addon scenery’s. Download update now from DBS Studio site.”

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  1. I bought FollowMe 2004 at the beginning of September 2010.
    It was very buggy from the outset.
    After multiple emails to “support” I found, by chance, on the DBS site the update (1.0.2).
    I’ve just installed the update and it’s broken FollowMe 2004 completely, so now it doesn’t work at all.
    I re-installed it from scratch, but the same problem.
    This is my first experience of DBS Studio products. I was excited by the add-ons that they offer, but unfortunately my experience has been one of a poorly executed product and uncommunicative support.

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