Microsoft Flight video

Microsoft has published another little teaser video, under the name Webisode 1 Soul.

We don’t have much to see, just a plane flying over the trees.

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  1. I do not know why they called it “webisode” 🙂

    MS must show more because I am now debating with my wife either to buy an XBOX 360 or a PS3 console… I need to know if this game will be worth the XBOX choice while sacrificing the blueray feature in the PS3 😉

    Not mentioning the hand free motion of MS…. Will be flying with our arms stretched or flapping it like birds :o)

  2. Much more interesting then the silly ‘webisode’ is the information you get to read when clicking the FAQ button….

  3. Pretty cool FAQ they have added .. at least now we know its still a full sim . so let’s see how its gonna turn out .

  4. Well, it is going to be integrated with the Live service, so it may be compatible with PC and Xbox…

    Perfect world would be VASIM + IVAO = Live…

  5. I think sooner or later all computer games will leave the “offline” concept and get to the online world with expandable content… It is just more profiatble for companies… And at the same time more server oriented content

    Can you immagine that you purchase aircraft, sceneries, textures etc. online and when the purchase process is done, the content is automaticaly active in the game. No need to go through the complexity of installing the content and track all the installations etc… It is just an activation from the company’s end since the content is already in the game but not accessible to those who did not pay for it…

    So I think MS is not doing anything different from what other recent games are doing. A good example is an online hunting online game with super graphics and content taht you buy and tadaa instantly activated:


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