Aerosoft and Thunderworks to publish a brand new combat flight simulator for PC

“Aerosoft GmbH and Thunderworks Ltd. have created a partnership for the development and publication of a totally new combat flight simulator for the PC Windows platform. Under the title „Jet Thunder“ it will allow the virtual combat pilot to fight for air supremacy over the South Atlantic during the Falklands/Malvinas conflict in 1982.”
“In the first release the user will be flying his RAF Harrier from the detailed HMS Hermes and battle the Argentinean fighters in support of the Fleet Air Arm Sea Harriers, defend the British ships from attack, prepare the landing operations and provide close air support for the Royal Marines and Paratroopers.

The Harrier is expertly modeled and fully operational. From a ‘cold and dark’ start, all the way to shut down the systems are as they are in the real aircraft.

This first release will be available late this year under the title „Jet Thunder: Harrier“ and will be priced around 21 € plus VAT when applicable.

In 2011 there will be additions that expand the project to Argentinean aircraft, more British aircraft and more game play.”

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