Captain Sim 707 demo

The simmers who are curious to try the Captain Sim 707 can download a free demo from Captain Sim website.

Visit their page.

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  1. You’ll see what you get in the full product : an eye candy model, you don’t need to try the “advanced systems”, Captain Sim doesn’t hit PMDG / Level-D / FSLabs realism.

  2. Sorry Sebastien, but if that’s what you believe, you need to try a full CS model. The B757 and B767 are right up there with the top end of models for systems depth. The C130 is a little less well equipped, but so is the real aircraft. The B707 and B727… Well, if you want a ctrl-e and go aircraft, look elsewhere. You need to know what you are doing with Captain Sim models and always have done.

    Some of their marketing techniques (base pack, plus additonal packs for other models), that they have (more than once) released aircraft that were very buggy and their support have been questioned by some people, but you certainly don’t just get eye candy by any stretch of the imagination.

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