Ideal Flight: FSX front end

logo-if-whiteHow many of you have started up FSX with the intent on flying somewhere new? If so then you are familiar with the rather lengthy process of setting up the flight plan, weather, and briefing. Your impulse tells you that you want to fly as soon as possible, but to get the best experience out of it, these steps must be done manually…until now. Continue reading…

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Saturday, January 15, 2011 01:09

Thanks for the feedback folks! It is indeed a gem of a program!

Saturday, January 15, 2011 01:07

I just tried it out for the first time, and I’m impressed. It’s a very creative solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had!

Miguel Blaufuks
Friday, January 14, 2011 18:02

yeah, i would like to sell it on simmarket too… but the author is not responding to email…. steve where are you?

Friday, January 14, 2011 17:54

Outstanding program!