Majestic Software – Dash8 Q300 Pro and Training Editions

After the Pilot Edition already existing since 2007, Majestic Software raises our interest in their Dash8 Q300 with more advanced features.

In the Professional Edition, expect more systems simuluated, failures systems via the Remote Control Station and “a fully functional CAT IIIa certified Headup Guidance System (HGS)“. The Training Edition aims at aviation professionals and technicians for their training programs “with full range of failures in every aircraft system using the included instructor station“.

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  1. REALLY too expensive for such an OLD add-on… That’s really TOO much. There’s NO WAY I’m buying it. I’ll wait and see the Q400.

  2. Majestic has a real good product with their Q300. I have a friend of mine that is a retired Q300 pilot and he loves this product.
    I have the pro edition, so I’ll be waiting for the Q400 also, but it I didn’t have it, the training edition would be real tempting, even though it is pricey. Just to have the instructors panel with full control over the systems on the aircraft would be worth it.

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