Premier Aircraft Design ceased production

 PAD has been a freeware group developing a pretty large collection of freeware aircraft (military, GA, commuter..) and repaints since the mid 1990’s.

I used the present perfect because the website will “just” remain online for actual downloads and support, they ceased production.

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  1. It’s sad to see PAD go, as they’ve been a mainstay of the community, doing a lot of types that you don’t normally see other developers doing, plus to top it off all for free.

    That said, I am amongst the people who wished that they hadn’t released “FSX” packages which are actually FS9 models. I can understand that they wanted to support both markets with aircraft that do, indeed, work in both sims. However when they advertised models as being “for FSX only”, I know a number of people who were quite put out to say the least (more than they should be, as it is freeware) to find that the models were not FSX native. There’s a major difference between choosing not to use them when finding this out and the volume and ferocity of some of the complaints I’ve seen posted about this, though.

    I, personally, don’t use many of their packages, but I know from days repainting aircraft for VAs and the requests we received constantly to repaint PAD aircraft, that a lot of people do and are very happy with them.

    Best of luck to the members in whatever they decide to do next!

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