Iris Simulations C-27J Spartan Released

Newly released by Iris Simulations as part of their “Platinum Series” of models, the C-27J, for anyone who doesn’t know it, is best described as “Half a Hercules”.

Carrying out the Light to Medium Tactical Transport role for a number of armed forces including the USAF, the aircraft is based on the Alenia Aeronautica G.222, but is updated using the experience from Lockheed Martin’s C-130J aircraft, with a glass cockpit, different engines and propellors, plus a number of other enhancements.

The Iris Simulations version of the aircraft was first announced some time ago, but has been subject to a number of delays – most of which are good from our perspective as simmers, because they have added to the model and simulation of the aircraft, which now features in-sim night vision, “Lotus Style” landing light effects (as seen on the Lotus Simulations L-39) and a simulated crew.

For more screenshots, features and to purchase your copy of the model, visit simMarket here.

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  1. Great aircraft..details are amazing!..Virtual cockpit is awesome…loads of options and a nice touch to have the option to display both or one pilot/co-pilot….well impressed with it!

  2. Yeah, looks fantastic (not NGX level though), but way to expensive for me, given the fact I probably wouldn’t fly it very often.
    Maybe if they have a promotional action in the future, knocking of half the price, I consider it.

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