JustFlight prepares a DC-6

A new aircraft under development will be published by JustFlight.

Announced in their forum, it will be a Douglas DC-6. This will be a nice idea to dive into 1940’s and 1950’s .. and test if its pressurized cabin works in flight sim !

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  1. Man, has this been a long time coming! This aircraft has been missing in payware quality in the FS universe for ever (by payware quality I mean including a great VC to go with great exterior looks and handling).

  2. Boy, would love to see an Accusim module for this….wish A2A would build a realistic dc-3 or dc-6

  3. Looks like another Aeroplane Heaven concoction. Given recent history (Comet and Viscount) and the mere adequateness of the Connie even after patching, might be best to put in the `wait and see` box…
    This certainly won’t be an A2A level simulation but if its close to Abacus levels it’s appeal will be limited among the cognoscenti.

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