Microsoft Flight November update

Every month, Microsoft Games development team comes with some more infos and updated preview screenshots.

We have a quick closer look at one of the default aircraft virtual cockpit, and the most interesting is their note about the needed hardware to run Microsoft Flight, at low and high settings. As I remnind they’re talking about the default sim without add-on, I wouldn’t be as positive as they do. When you taxi in a detailed airport scenery onboard an advanced airplane model, you will need even more CPU power, and even more memory than announced there.

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  1. Even though I still think that Flight is a polished version of FSX using actual DX + GPU technology, I can give it some credits concerning landscaping – I think Flight scores higher than XP10 as per actual the screens shown by both, in terms of landscape and vegetation. XP10 wins in its urban innovation for sure… However we see hints of some “3D roads” in a couple of MS Flight screens… Let’s see how the competition goes 🙂

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