FSAddon – Fieseler Storch at simMarket

This German STOL aircraft of the second World War has been meticulously copied from the real thing – in this case a fully functional model that still flies in the capable hands of Kermit Weeks and his pilots at Fantasy of Flight, the famous aviation museum and theme park in Polk City, Florida.

This FSAddon model comes in two versions : wheels and skis.

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  1. Technically three versions, but as the ambulance model is on wheels, you’re not wrong! 😉

    I was given my copy of the Storch by Francois and am in the middle of making a slightly appropriate scenery to fly it into and out of, but I have to say it’s a really fun little aeroplane to fly and it’s hard to top the visibility from a Storch for low and slow scenery exploration. The chances are it’ll get both into and out of any field you choose to visit, as well.

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