Drzewiecki Design – Miami City 2012 FS2004

Designed for FS2004 only, Miami City 2012 by Drzewiecki covers a large area with photoreal terrain, detailed coastlines, famous landmarks and 12 helipads.

If you haven’t any detailed airport scenery in that area, you’ll enjoy three upgraded airports (KMIA Miami Intl, KTMB Kendall-Tamiami & KOPF Opa-Locka), in a simple and smooth way but with photoreal buildings and night effects. Each one can be deactivated if necessary. More details, free demo and compatibility info with other add-ons at

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  1. Easy money to make product, with other work. Even scenery is outdated cos of buildings.

    1. Other work? What do you mean by that? It is never “easy money” to make anything at FS market…

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