Blackbox Airbus prologue pre-order

Graham Waterfield of Blackbox Simulations has issued a press release to announce that their Airbus Xtreme Prologue package is now available for pre-order.

Those taking up the pre-order offer will get €10 off full price, so the “Prologue” package will cost €35.00 rather than €45.00. The package is due for release before the end of May 2012, with the full Airbus Xtreme set set for release later in the year.

For more details and to order, visit the Airbus Xtreme Prologue product page at Blackbox Simulations.



0 Responses

  1. Too many 320s around, can an add-on dev company design an equaly sophisticated long range Airbus such as the 330 or 340!!!
    Wilco’s are getting outdated so we need fresh new Airbus long rangers and I am a customer 🙂

  2. There aren’t really that many 320s – not worth having, anyway. I’d also point out that as the plethora of B737s prove, there’s a lot bigger market for short to medium haul aircraft than there is for long haul, so hence there are going to be more entrants into that market.

    It would still probably be worth dropping Blackbox a note with your comments, as I’m sure many other simmers would agree.

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