Berlin Brandenburg freeware

German developers Aviation Design have announced the release of their freeware scenery for FS9/X of Berlin’s new Brandenburg airport (EDDB/BER).

Both versions are available within a single download from their site, to allow you to install the version you want. Unfortunately neither their press release nor their site show much information about the scenery, but it being freeware, it costs you nothing more than a little bandwidth and time to take a look for yourself, so why not do so?

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  1. It’s would be of interest to know where the installer is supposed to place the files.And what are the names of the registers. Aviatio… or E… or???

  2. Ah ok. They are in addon scenery under fsx-ber_lc and fsx-ber.Unfortunately there are three files (txt, pdf,htm)stuffed with useless infos but the only one of importance is missing.

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