Regional Jets from Wilco and JustFlight

It’s quite fitting that on the day we publish Andrew Barter’s comparision of turbprops versus jets on regional flights for VAs, FSX versions of two of the aircraft he tested in FS9 become available via simMarket.

JustFlight’s BAe146, pictured above, covers the -200 version of the “baby jumbo”, with numerous features including systems, animations and eye candy. It can be further expanded by the livery and FMC expansion pack, which adds exactly what the title says it does!

Also added today are the deluxe and standard versions of Wilco’s CRJ NextGen package. This includes the -700, -900 and -1000 versions of the airliner, again with a long features list and FSX native modelling. The package information does warn, however, that the systems depth of the NextGen jets is slightly lower than the ‘Pilot in Command’ series of aircraft from the same publisher.

The Deluxe version of the CRJ NextGen includes a cockpit video from Justplanes and additional liveries to add to the base package’s content.

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  1. Seems like the developers are all Chasing each others Tails developing the same Aircraft ! Somebody else is coming out with another one of these too, can’t remember who right now. More Corporate Tubes with Wings, bout’ like all those 737’s that are available by about everybody and their brother now. Geshh you’d think they’d try to develop some of the older Aircrafts, from 2002 / 2004 that need to be remade with complete VC’s and proper Gauges. Just seems like everybody is copy cat-ing everybody else on the same aircraft, theres still plenty of other aircraft out there to be made yet that haven’t !

    1. So… Kind of like the Eurowings pack from Aerosoft (which had both a CRJ and a BAe146) and Wilco/FT’s own earlier FS8/9 CRJ pack then? Both of which numerous people have been requesting new versions of for years?

      You haven’t improved your research skills much yet, before applying fingers to keyboard, have you. These aircraft are both exactly what you say people are not doing.

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