Day: September 10, 2012

VA Flight Tracker from FSLive

FSLive have announced the release of their flight tracking system for Virtual Airlines. “FSLive’s eagerly awaited Virtual Airline flight tracking system has been launched! Using X-Plane Catalina updated

Users of‘s Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina ‘9767’ will be interested to know that the developers have produced an update for the package that includes not

Sim Skunk Works F/RF-104G

Sim Skunk Works have announced the release of their F/RF-104G model for Microsoft FSX. The package includes “F/RF-104 G MAP and Consortium models in Belgian,

Gaugemaster v1.4.1 and price reduction

In a Press Release received by simFlight, JohnCode have announced an update to and price reduction of their “GaugeMaster” tool for iPad. “The latest release

Danish Airfields X – Sindal

Vidan Design are one of a number of developers that have created airfields in the Northern European country of Denmark, but unlike most, they have

DOM-GNL Rounds #22 and #23

Just a short update from Robert Graf this time on his progress through the iRacing DOM-GNL (German NASCAR League) series, driving his simFlight network liveried

TOPER (Takeoff Performance) Calculator tool

Nikola Jovanovic has released this low-cost tool to aid pilots of simulated Boeing 737-800 aircraft with CFM56-7B26 engines to operate their aircraft as realistically as

Heavy metal from Turbine Sound Studios

Turbine Sound Studios released a veritable plethora of high bypass turbofan soundsets over the weekend, covering Boeing and Airbus heavy jets and two powerplant manufacturers,

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