Danish Airfields X – Sindal

Vidan Design are one of a number of developers that have created airfields in the Northern European country of Denmark, but unlike most, they have eschewed the major and more well known hubs in favour of small airfields with more character and GA traffic only.

The latest release from the team is Sindal Airport (EKSN), which can be found “situated on the top of the Jutland peninsula between Frederikshavn at the Kattegat Sea and Hirtshals at the North Sea coast”. As can be seen from the screenshot above, the scenery features superbly recreated custom buildings and 3d volumetric grass, set atop a 19cm/pixel photoreal ground texture that covers day/night and seasonal variations rather than the more usual ‘summer only’ texture.

Due to some slightly bizarre but well known limitations of the FSX SDK, the developers have had to code certain elements of the scenery such as custom windsocks and animated hangar doors using earlier tools. As a result, the scenery is compatible with FSX SP2 or Accel, but not with DX10 preview mode. Full details and more screenshots can be found here.

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