DOM-GNL Rounds #22 and #23

Just a short update from Robert Graf this time on his progress through the iRacing DOM-GNL (German NASCAR League) series, driving his simFlight network liveried Chevy Impala.

As previously discussed, this is Robert’s first full season in the championship after only running some of the races last time round, but that doesn’t mean he’s content to sit in the pack and just drive for tail-end of the order finishes while he builds up experience… Find out what he’s been up to by clicking “Read more”, below.

Race #22, Michigan:

I came to Michigan with rather high hopes and the car was fast. After the only caution in lap 10 I stormed up to 6th place and held that till the first green flag pitstop. But I went to the apron to soon, going too slow and lost 4 positions coming out of the pits. The race continued under green and as I heard the message “leader is pitting now”, I went down pitroad again for what should be the last stop. Driving on in the TOP10 it became obvious the fuel wouldn’t last to the end and with 20 laps to go I had to pit again, falling back to 15th place in the end. Aftermath showed that the leader was the only one out of sequence with the rest of the field after he didnt stop during the first yellow in lap 10. And I followed him unnecessarily down pitroad on the last stop. If not for that early second pitstop, I would have made it to the finish with fuel to spare.

Race #23, Bristol(Night):

I have never raced at Bristol and so I didnt expect anything from that track, I just wanted to finish on this tough one. We did the whole 350 laps under green, only stopping for fuel and tires. Car was not bad, however not up with the leaders. It was also extremly difficult to keep up concentration on these 90 lap (or more) runs. Each time a wallride around 20 laps into the stint would ruin the handling andIi just couldn’t roll as smoothly anymore. That wore the tires out more quickly, thus laptimes rose and I really couldn’t gain anything. So with a 13th place i should be alright, but it doesnt feel that good.

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