JustFlight F111 now at simMarket

Released via their own site and store a short while ago, JustFlight have now made their latest foray into the military market – the F-111 “Aardvark” for FSX and P3D – available through simMarket as well.

The F-111A was a cold war warrior from the United States Air Force stable, capable of carrying a large variety of ordinance including nuclear weapons, at high speed, on flights penetrating deep into enemy territory. Unusually for a swing-wing aircraft, the wings could be fitted with pylons to carry ordinance, but if fitted, the aircraft was limited to keeping the wings in the fully forward position.

The JustFlight version of the aircraft, amongst other features, includes seperate cockpit versions for the A (USAF) and C (RAAF) variants included in the pack, as well as selectable ordinance through a gauge within the sim and even a working ejection capsule system. Full details can be found here for the download version and here for the boxed version.

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