Accu-Feel v2: Air, Land and Sea released

A2A Simulations have released version 2 of their global aircraft enhancement, “Accu-Feel“.

The module adds a lot of functionality to any aircraft, whether default, free or payware, providing feedback from the environment that is normally only associated with top-end commercial aircraft.

New in this version are a number of additional options which improve ground handling as well as options for water interaction designed to make for more realistic seaplane and flying boat operations. Check out the video above to see exactly what is included.

There are two purchase options for when you decide this is for you: Existing simMarket customers of v1 and new users, click here. If you have purchased Accu-Feel version 1 from another store and wish to upgrade, then click here.

0 Responses

  1. I hope this is the program thats gonna make the “flying on rails” feeling disappear. Just tried it and first impressions are great.

  2. I’ve just been testing the new water resistance feature with the default FSX DHC2 because the water handling in all the major sims is a particular bugbear of mine. This makes a massive improvement, comparing my (limited) real world experience of flying an amphibian to the sim.

    The only problem? It makes me want to fly the real world Maule on floats more, to tweak my sim experience to perfection! 😉

    (Oh… and it makes me want a Maule Amphibian in FSX more, but hey…)

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