RoF New map and aircraft released

nieuportThe latest newsletter from 777Studios – developers of World War 1 flight sim Rise of Flight – has been sent out to subscribers, bringing news of more additions to the sim’s paid DLC and a sale to help players get more for their money.

First up comes the long-awaited Channel Map, allowing users of the Felixtowe F.2A and Brandenburg W12 to practice their skills on 3d modelled water, as well as bringing Belgian military aviation to the mix and more.

On the aircraft front, we have news of two new German releases, the Halberstadt D.II and Roland C.IIa, while the British gain a modification of the Nieuport N.17 to add to their collection, with a reduced price for customers who already have the existing model. There are also, as you may guess from past releases, ‘customisation’ packs available to purchase for the new aircraft.

Full details on all the DLC, plus the limited free to play version, can be found at the RoF website, where a DLC sale is on over the Easter period, while the full version of the Iron Cross Edition of RoF can be purchased from simMarket.

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