FS9 Pushback Utility released

Nikola Jovanovic has released his pushback utility for FS9, designed to bring a more realistic facility to airports that do not have packages such as Aerosoft’s AES available at them while also providing a low-cost alternative.

Supporting all major aircraft add-ons and with a user-editable database, FS9 Pushback Utility can be found here.

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  1. I bought this program, and I feel that, besides not working well, I was not informed that DOES NOT WORK AT ALL AIRPORTS!!

    In fact only comes with 3 airports scheduled, otherwise the user and buyer as to introduce each airport that wants to operate on a complex programming operation, as written in the manual:

    5.0 Database management
    After purchase FS9PushBack will come with a sample database which contains
    only default Nuremberg (EDDN) , FlyTampa Vienna 2.0 (LOWW) and SkyHighSim
    Belgrade 4.0 (LYBE) airports
    pushback on other airports
    download updated* database
    *- database updates are based on users
    share their database entries with others
    To add a new airport/stand/plane to the database
    text editor like notepad and add an entry with the following
    [icao code],[airport name],[stand number]
    ,[heading] **,[turn time(tT)] **
    In the exampe below we have:
    LOWW,FlyTampa Vienna 2,C36,B738PMDG,43000
    Manual © 2013
    RELEASE the PARKING brake, audio voice
    after which the pushback starts.
    Simulator, switch OFF Anticolision/Beacon Light
    FS9PushBack is an external
    been completed.
    brakes’. To finish the pushback set the Parking Brake to
    and all the major addon airplanes. In order to use the
    airports/aircraft you need to either add entries manually or
    entries from the developer’s web site.
    submitting their own entries and is based on user
    open a file named
    [number],[a/c type],[initial time(iT)]**,[pushback side]
    Page 5
    , utility
    . user’s discretion to
    acdb.txt in a

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