Carenado – CT206H Stationair FSX/P3D HD Series


If you’re well organized, maybe you have a list of products in development you keep an eye at. Get your hands on it and check if theΒ CT206H Stationair makes part of it, because it’s ready for purchase and download at simMarket.

Beside the Carenado GNS530 (or RealityXP gauge integration option), and the eye-candy features, the developers added “dark and cold” or “ready to taxi” as start options.

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  1. Flight simming is tending to become rather like motor cycle trials. In my younger days you get a “banger”, tart it up and have fun. Now the sport has become more like a circus act. Flight sims are getting ever more and realistic which I applaud, but it can be very off-putting for a beginner and/or financially/technically challenged. Please keep a “simple mode” option on these more advanced simms.

  2. Hoping they come out with a Tundra version of this, and perhaps tone down the brightness of the instrument panel lighting. The steam version of this is one of my most flown Carenado AC at the moment.

  3. Pure teaser video. No flying experience related scenes. Carenado makes perfect models but….

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