Mega Airport Brussels in development

AO_Mega_Airport_Brussels_prev_oct_2013Among the main European hubs projects I’m keeping an eye at, there are Paris Charles De Gaulle, Frankfurt, London Heathrow and Brussels. All already exist as Mega Aiport sceneries, and all of them will or should be updated with the latest real airport expansions and overall the latest graphics and framerates performance.

Only Frankfurt and Paris CDG fans haven’t got their preview and official annoucement until now. Today, we report some news of Brussels EBBR for FSX/P3D and developed by AWG Simulations for Aerosoft as they are working on the terrain, custom ground markings and taxiways textures.

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  1. This is based on what? I know London and Brussels are undergoing an update but I haven’t heard that Paris and Frankfurt are also currently under development.

  2. Gil, that’s what I wrote.. well I edited that CDG either we’ve got any confirmation and preview. Just Mathijs Kok wrote once or twice that Frankfurt would be redone in some time but it was not in the short term planning yet. For Paris CDG, Thorsten Loth of Sim-Wings said something similar in his forum, just he has other titles to do first, Heathrow is one of them.

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