One day left to OMSI 2

omsi-2-04Fans of German bus simulator OMSI have just over 24 hours to wait until they can get their copy of its successor, featuring reworked versions of old content, plus a new vehicle and route.

The sim is backwards compatible, so content for OMSI will work in OMSI2, but unlike the first version, a Steam account is required to use the simulator, although it will be available through both Steam and the Aerosoft website, where you can already pre-order.

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  1. A big Thanks for the warning that Steam is required… almost purchased it, but now I believe I’ll stay with the flying stuff for now.

    I hope the developers will drop this unwelcomr prerequisite at some later date.

    Had nothing but trouble and nuisances with that crap trying to play XCOM:EU, swore to myself to never install it again in this life or the next.

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