Captain Sim 777 Sale

x777_27Captain Sim have announced an end-of-year sale on their 777-200 Base Pack and 777-300, 777F add-on packs via their online store.

The announcement e-mail states that both packages are “$20 off” until the new year, but a check of the store shows that the 777-200 Base Pack is down €20, while the 777F is half price at €10 off, and the 777-300 dropped by a third, with €5 off.  (Yes, the currency did change there – see the comments below for details!)

The Captain Sim online store can be found here.

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    1. The original e-mail:

      The 777 Captain (the 777-200 base pack and the 777 Freighter)

        are $20

      off at Happy New Year!

      Stay tuned,
      Captain Sim News”

      When I visited the site, it was in $, not €. Maybe they have different pricing depending on what link you visit through?

        1. Bizarre! Oh well… What’s the exchange rate between US$ and EU€ today? Which one is cheaper I wonder? 😉

  1. Ah. I’ve cleared my browser cache and it’s now appearing in Euros if I go to the store directly. I must have picked up a cookie from another link. That doesn’t change the fact that they are advertising it (incorrectly) as “…(the 777-200 base pack and the 777 Freighter) are $20 off at…” in their e-mail, considering that even in the screenshot above, the Base Pack is €20 off, the add-on packs are €10 off and €5 off, none of which are reductions of $20! 😉

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