Victoria+ v8 for Orbx PNW, plus add-on

2014-5-1_14-18-49-327Jon Patch, whose Pacific Northwestern sceneries have been a staple for many flight sim users for years, has announced the release of his update to Victoria+, making it compatible with both Orbx FTX PNW and P3D v2.2.1+ or FSX.

The donationware update is joined by an add-on pack from Larry Robinson featuring a “stunning” rendition of Belleville ferry terminal, including detailed ship models. To read the release announcement and for links, click “Read more”, below.

Victoria, BC, Canada. Two new exciting scenery addons have been released for the Victoria, Canada, area, for FSX and P3D V2.1.1 or higher. From Jon Patch (with help from Holger Sandmann, Larry Robinson and Don Grovestine) comes the long-awaited release of Victoria+ for users of ORBX NA Blue Pacific Northwest. As well as key features of Vic+ missing from PNW, including custom AI, buildings, landclass, and more detailed versions of a number of floatplane bases, there are a number of new enhancements for PNW users only, including new buildings, updated textures and of course P3D compatibility. This special release replaces Victoria+ V7. Available as donationware from


Fully compatible with Victoria+ for PNW is Larry Robinson’s stunning Belleville Ferry terminal, including a beautiful AI rendition of the MV Coho ferry running to and from Port Angeles. The intricately detailed static freighter MV Tai Harvest is included, met by the pilot boat from Victoria. Available as freeware from Read installation instructions carefully!

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    Title should be chanched to “Victoria+ V8 for Orbx PNW……
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    (old version “Victoria, Canada including US Southern Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands – Part 1 of 2” was v7)


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