30m “UHD” Mesh Scenery for X-Plane 10


You may already be familiar with the work of Andras Fabian of alpilotx.net, but to quote the press release received from hos earlier today, “After the successful release of “HD Mesh Scenery v3” last December, the new “UHD Mesh Scenery v1” tries to push the limits of the X-Plane 10 scenery engine even further.

The push in question is to render five areas of the X-Plane 10 Plausible World, no longer in 90m mesh, but instead upping the detail to 30m resolution. Best of all? It’s free to download.

To read the full release, click “Read more“.

UHD Mesh Scenery v1 for X-Plane 10 released


After the successful release of “HD Mesh Scenery v3” last December, the new “UHD Mesh Scenery v1” tries to push the limits of the X-Plane 10 scenery engine even further.

The general characteristics of “UHD Mesh Scenery v1” are identical to those described in HD Mesh Scenery v3.

The main differences (and improvements) are:

– 30m resolution DEM elevation data instead of 90m DEM data.

– (once more) massively increased mesh density … by roughly factor 2.5 to 3! This is not only beneficiary to the better representation of the higher res DEM data, but also – once more – improves landclass and forest detail.

Because of this, the “UHD Mesh Scenery v1” Scenery is very heavy on hardware resources and will only run smoothly on modern, higher end PCs. Its very important – before even considering a download – to have at least 16 GBytes of RAM and a modern / powerful GPU!

Covered Regions (see coverage on the download maps below):

– Europe – Alps

– USA – Colorado Mountains (parts of New Mexico)

– USA – Canyons and Mountains in Arizona / Nevada

– USA – Mountains in Montana (5×5 degree area)

– USA – Sierra Nevada (Yosemite etc.)

Picture of Europes Coverage: click here

Picture of USAs Coverage: click here

Because of the limited regions, the overall file volume is “only” 8.7 GBytes (spead across 5 ZIP files), and is available via the following sites:

flightsim.com (with direct download AND very important: BitTorrent seeding)




All informations, possible updates, installation instructions, and download links can be found here:


Here are the official screenshots accompanying the release of UHD Mesh Scenery v1. Just follow the links to my picasaweb albums:

(all screenshots come in pairs – they are comparisons between UHD and HD quality! The first of each pair is UHD, the second HD – but there are also caption for each picture to make this clear).

I recommend all users:

– first start with one of the smaller regions (for example: Sierra Nevada). Download it, install it, test if it works and then get the other regions!

– Use BitTorrent (via flightsim.com) if possible, to avoid traffic congestion at the download sites!

– PLEASE take the time to read the short but important instructions! They help you (and then me) to avoid the most common mistakes!

Have a lot of fun!

Andras Fabian


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Tuesday, February 3, 2015 10:08

Andras Fabian deserves a statue for all his work !
And if I had any artistic talent at all, I’d build him one in the XP landscape, but alas …