Island Flight Simulator – Updated!

Our German-speaking readers will probably be the only ones interested in this at present, but 6th February 2015 should hopefully see the release of a new bit of flying fun in the form of “Island Flight Simulator“, as can be seen in the video above.

With thanks to Jörg for the link, you can read a little bit more about it at here (German language). Apparently the game, in which you have to fulfil various transport missions around 12 tropical islands in three different aircraft, will be released with German, English and Portuguese languages included. So far, however, we have only managed to track down a pre-release page at where you might be able to purchase it. We’ll let you know if we find anything else.

Edit: We’ve found some information on the publishers’ website here, in English, and they have sent us a URL for the English version of the trailer. Thanks!

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  1. Looks very nice – but is this Microsoft Flight all over again? If, and when, it is released in the English language then I might buy it for a little fun, but that will depend on the price.

  2. You’ve seen as much about it as I know, if you clicked on the link and watched the video (except maybe the URL, which isn’t very helpful…) but I don’t think this can be even vaguely compared with Flight.

    Flight was a good flight simulator that was crippled by marketing choices. This, on the other hand, appears to be a flying game that marketing have chosen to call a simulator. Did you see some of the turns that the aircraft pull off in that video!? 😉

    From what I’ve seen, I’d compare this to something like the Search and Rescue series, or some of the console “simulators”. Basically, it’s a flying game, not a serious sim. Although I await being proven wrong if I can ever find it anywhere other than Amazon Germany!

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