[Video] MSFS 40th Anniversary Release Times – Features Discovery Series : #15 Helicopters

In three days, on November 11th, Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrates the 40th anniversary of their flight sim franchise. Microsoft and Asobo Studio will offer a large pack of new content including the iniBuilds Airbus A310, and the integration of helicopters and gliders.

The above video showcases the engagement and workflow of the simulator makers especially for the helicopters. The 3D work is based upon 3D scan of actual helicopters like the Guimbal Cabri that will be added. The sound in 3D is designed with multiple microphones recording the real engine and aircraft effects. And the specific flight dynamics has been coded after that some Asobo members could take controls during real flight sessions.

Find below the global release times of this 40th Anniversary Edition announced by Microsoft :

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