AC Scenery – Prague / Istanbul Cityscape MSFS

AC Scenery initiated a Cityscape add-on series for MSFS. Their latest entries cover Prague and Istanbul major cities with detailed renditions for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Explore the urban areas in Czech Republic and in Turkey. These products include custom buildings, landmarks, and other iconic structures, as well as improved textures and lighting, making these cities more realistic than in the default scenery.

The attention to detail in this add-on is attractive, with many famous landmarks such as the Charles Bridge in Prague, and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, being faithfully recreated in excellent 3D detail. The surrounding areas have also been improved, with custom ground textures and improved terrain, to improve again the simulator world.

If you enjoy exploring cities from above or flying VFR, then AC Scenery products of Prague / Istanbul Cityscape MSFS are worth a visit. You can purchase them from SIMMARKET and get ready for takeoff in an instant : it’s easy and fast to install with Siminstaller.

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