Free : FlyByWire Simulations – A32NX MSFS VNAV Version 1 Available and Lighting System Trailer

FlyByWire Simulations has released the VNAV Version 1 in their Development buil version of the freeware A32NX package for MSFS (simulating Airbus A320neo), which provides vertical guidance in managed modes and visual indicators on the ND and MCDU. This feature enhances the realism and accuracy of the aircraft’s performance in-flight.

Additionally, they have also released a trailer showcasing the reworked lighting system in the Airbus A32NX, which features realistic lighting effects that mimic the actual aircraft. This trailer highlights the attention to detail and dedication of the FlyByWire Simulations team in developing this high-quality freeware airliner add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator community.

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