DC Designs – Phantom Project News MSFS

DC Designs has provided an update on their Phantom Project for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) in their latest post. The focus of this update is on the cockpit modelling details of the Phantoms, along with the incorporation of CodenameJack’s coding work for systems and visuals.

The team at DC Designs has been working on various aspects of the Phantoms, including the addition of a dynamic gunsight, an early working radar, and basic radar modes. This phase of development involves coordinating and testing the systems and cockpit layout to ensure everything functions correctly.

The post mentions that all navigation and TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation) functions will be present in the Phantoms. Additionally, they are considering including the INS (Inertial Navigation System), which is typically the responsibility of the RIO (Radar Intercept Officer). The INS would enable precise navigation, although its implementation might pose some challenges due to its older system nature with analogue gauges. The team is optimistic about the progress being made on these fronts.

However, the launch of the Phantoms might not occur before the end of the month, as the author of the post mentions being away for a week towards the end of the month. Despite this, they express hope that everything will be wrapped up and ready for launch before their departure. The post concludes with a cheerful “Happy Friday!”

Overall, the update from DC Designs highlights the ongoing work on the Phantom Project for MSFS, specifically focusing on the cockpit modelling and the integration of systems and visuals. The team is dedicated to ensuring the accuracy and functionality of the Phantoms, aiming for a successful launch in the near future.

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