SimWorks Studios – MSFS Projects and Updates News

SimWorks Studios has provided their weekly update on their MSFS projects and updates. While they had planned to continue working on the PC-12, they have had to prioritize important developments on other projects this week.

One recent update they have made is to the RV-14 aircraft. However, this update is still going through the new testing process before it can be released on the Marketplace. They have also discovered a bug in the code that affects the compatibility of the PMS50 GTN650 with the RV-14. A fix for this issue has been created and will be made available next week on SimWorks Studios’ website and third-party vendors, followed by its release on the PC Marketplace. It’s important to note that this bug does not affect Xbox users, as the GTN650 is not available on that platform.

SimWorks Studios has received inquiries about the RV-10‘s navigation when using the Working Title GNS430 from the Marketplace. They direct users to their “Known Issues” page on their website, where they explain that the default G3X is incompatible with the WT430. To enable navigation with the autopilot, they provide a suggestion on their support page, as they are unable to fix this issue without rewriting the G3X entirely.

After a considerable period of time, the Zenith aircraft is receiving attention again. A new team member is revising the flight model of the aircraft, with a particular focus on the flaps. They are also working on re-rigging the ailerons and addressing torque to reduce the rolling tendency caused by the engine.

In closing, SimWorks Studios shares a picture of the PC-12 OH-JEM aircraft, which they flew during their visit to Fly 7 Executive Aviation SA.

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