MK Studios – MSFS & X-Plane Airports Updated

MK Studios has been actively working on updates and improvements for various airports in both MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) and X-Plane. Here are some of the recent updates and upcoming projects:

  1. Lisbon XP11/12 v1.4.0: This update brings XP12 compatibility to the Lisbon airport scenery. Additionally, there have been changes to the runway numbers and general improvements. The update and conversion for this airport were provided by Windsock Simulations. The files will be passed to soon and should already be available at Simmarket.
  2. Girona MSFS v1.1.0: In this update, a construction area has been added to enhance the realism of the airport. The team has also made general improvements to the scenery, further enhancing the overall experience.
  3. Ponta Delgada v1.2.1: This update addresses specific issues such as fixing building positions and resolving GSX pushback problems. These fixes aim to enhance the accuracy and functionality of the Ponta Delgada airport scenery.
  4. Dublin v1.2.0: The Dublin airport scenery has received several updates, including AFCAD fixes to improve the airport layout. Visual improvements have been made to the new runway area, enhancing the realism of the scenery. This update also brings further compatibility and stability enhancements. It is noted that this is the final update for Dublin v1.

The team at MK Studios is actively working on updates for Rome and Lisbon airports. These updates will include adding missing buildings, improving textures, and introducing new features such as working VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) to enhance the overall realism and immersion of the sceneries.

Furthermore, MK Studios is nearing the release of Bologna airport for MSFS. Exciting developments are underway for this highly anticipated scenery, bringing the beauty and authenticity of Bologna to the flight simulation community.

Stay tuned for more updates from MK Studios as they continue to enhance and expand their airport offerings in both MSFS and X-Plane, providing virtual pilots with incredible destinations and immersive flight experiences.

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