HiFi – Active Sky XP12 for X-Plane 12 Released

Enhance your X-Plane 12 weather experience with HiFi’s Active Sky XP 12, now available at SIMMARKET. Designed specifically for X-Plane 12, this weather enhancement tool brings over 20 years of expertise to provide the most accurate and realistic weather scenes for your simulated flights. With extensive integration and advanced features, Active Sky XP 12 takes your weather simulation to the next level.

Active Sky XP 12 utilizes a specialized online weather network that aggregates data from various sources to curate a comprehensive and detailed weather experience. Whether you prefer live, historical, or customized weather options, Active Sky XP 12 has you covered. The included historical weather data allows you to relive past weather conditions or create specific weather scenarios.

With features such as evolving weather depiction, enhanced air effects, Navigraph and SimBrief integration, and a comprehensive API, Active Sky XP 12 offers an immersive and dynamic weather experience. Additionally, the mobile companion app allows you to control and view the weather using any device connected to your network. Elevate your X-Plane 12 flights with HiFi’s Active Sky XP 12 and enjoy the ultimate weather realism and control. Get your copy today at SIMMARKET and take your weather simulation to new heights.

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