IndiaFoxtEcho – F-35 Lightning II MSFS Update 1.2.3 Available

IndiaFoxtEcho’s F-35 Lightning II MSFS Update 1.2.3 brings significant improvements to enhance the aircraft simulation experience. The update introduces an afterburner toggle/detent control, allowing users to activate and control the afterburner feature more realistically. A new pilot figure has been added, with the option for VR users to appear headless, providing customization options for cockpit immersion. Multiple liveries, including AF-01, BF-01, and CF-01, have been included, along with custom engine covers and pilot patches, allowing users to personalize their aircraft’s appearance. Some units also feature alternate texture sets depicting “live” weapons, enhancing the visual realism of the aircraft.

In addition to these highlights, the update addresses general fixes and improvements. Minor bugs have been fixed, animations have been refined, and sound files have been reorganized for better functionality. Specific adjustments have been made to the F-35A, F-35B, and F-35C variants, including livery corrections, model refinements, and the addition of squadron liveries.

IndiaFoxtEcho’s F-35 Lightning II MSFS Update 1.2.3 provides a more immersive and customizable experience with the aircraft. The introduction of the afterburner toggle, new pilot figure options, and additional liveries offer increased control, personalization, and visual variety. With general fixes and variant-specific adjustments, this update improves the overall functionality, realism, and visual appeal of the F-35 Lightning II in the Microsoft Flight Simulator environment.

Update 1.2.3 changelog :

– Introduction of the AFTERBURNER TOGGLE / DETENT control: following user feedback, the afterburner must now be toggled, much like in the Asobo Super Hornet.

– New pilot figure, which can also be made to appear headless (“Sleepy Hollow” mode) for VR user who prefer to have a “body” in the cockpit.

– Addition of multiple liveries (finally including AF-01, BF-01 and CF-01), custom engine covers and pilot patches.

– Alternate texture sets depicting “live” weapons (applied only to some units).

Full change log here:


– Fixed minor bug preventing functionality of some AP buttons if LITES menu is also selected

– Fixed minor glitch in AOA Bracket animation

– Changed engine sound fall-off profile

– Reorganized sound files

– Fixed minor bug causing incorrect IPP lights behaviour in rare occurrences

– Replaced behavior templates of throttle lever, landing light switch, parking brake, rudder trim

– Revised animation of rudder pedals

– Added afterburner detent

– Added bespoke engine covers to several liveries

– Major refactoring of pilot model (new oxygen hose, additional details, new animation, new harness)

– Added pilot shoulder patch (bespoke for various countries and squadrons)

– Added “headless” option to pilot body visualization (visibility cotrol now cycles between no pilot, headless pilot and full model)

– Added native canopy variable (for smoother anuimation and multiplayer sync)

– Added “refuel and repair” option to PCD MENU screen

– Added “radar reflectors” mount/unmount option to PCD MENU screem

– Added live ordnance textures (with multiple variants and warheads) to several liveries

– Updated manual


– Fixed minor mistakes in 18-5343 livery

– Changed tail font in 08-0747 livery

– Added Wisconsin ANG livery

– Added AF-01 prototype livery


– Fixed minor UVW mapping misalignments

– Fixed minor polygon smoothing issues

– Fixed minor modeling glitches

– Added VMFA-213 “Black Sheep” liveries (hi-viz and lo-viz)

– Added BF-01 protoptye livery


– Fixed mapping mistake on left taileron upper surfaces

– Fixed minor mistake in engine nozzle geometry

– Fixed minor mistake in remove-before-flight ribbons geometry

– Fixed minor mistake in air intake geometry

– Fixed minor mistakes in Top Gun, VFA-147 and VFA-97 liveries

– Fixed incorrect stencils on VMFA-314 livery

– Added CF-01 prototype livery

– Added VFMA-311 livery

– Added VFMA-314 VW300 livery

– Added VFA-101 NJ101 livery

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Peter S Gonta
Peter S Gonta
9 months ago

Gauges not showing in MSFS for F-35 lighting II. Cockpit has white screens. Video driver is 536.23

9 months ago

How does one toggle afterburner to make it ignite ?

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