AzurPoly – C160 Transall MSFS at SIMMARKET

New Release at SIMMARKET : AzurPoly – C160 Transall for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a meticulously crafted virtual aircraft that pays homage to the military transport aircraft retired from service. Developed with input from real pilots and Transall enthusiasts, this aircraft offers an immersive and accurate experience. The highly optimized 3D model and texture package ensure smooth performance, while the fully modeled cockpit and cargo bay provide a detailed environment.

With 11 liveries, including military and civil operators, and 8K resolution textures, the visual quality is exceptional. The use of detail maps and high-quality sounds further enhances the realism of the aircraft. AzurPoly has gone beyond generic avionics to create bespoke systems for the Transall C160, resulting in an aircraft that stands apart from others in the simulator. The functional exits, animated cockpit, and all working gauges contribute to the immersive experience. The aircraft also features sophisticated lighting, custom effects such as decoy flares and propeller vortices, and a comprehensive payload management system.

In addition to its extensive features, the AzurPoly – C160 Transall comes with a custom flight management system, GNS 430 unit for GPS navigation, realistic electrical and hydraulic systems, and an operational autopilot panel. The inclusion of an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and interactive checklists with copilot actions adds convenience and authenticity to the flying experience. A comprehensive flight manual and paintkit are available on the AzurPoly website, providing additional resources for users. Discover the Transall’s second life in Microsoft Flight Simulator and experience the excellence of AzurPoly‘s rendition on SIMMARKET.

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